Wehling Construction

Wehling Construction is the premier pipeline services company in the Rocky Mountains. Look to us for all of your pipeline and facility construction needs.

Multiple Job Types

We would appreciate the opportunity to bid on any upcoming projects and obtain an MSA for your company.

Competitive Pricing

Our team of experienced pipeline personnel make us very competitive.


Wehling Construction has been in the pipeline and facility construction business since 1997.

What We Do

  • New pipeline installation
  • Large compressor and plant installation
  • Small compressor and plant installation
  • Building well locations
  • Change outs
  • Pipeline testing
  • Meter sets
  • We lay PE & HDPE of all sizes
  • We handle all size projects!

What is Wehling Construction?

Based in Grand Junction Colorado with operations all along the Rocky Mountain Region, Wehling Construction is a pipeline and facility construction company that has been in the business since 1997. Both owners have extensive oil field experience. This is a hands-on management company, with Larry Wehling or Christopher Wehling supervising most projects. Our jobs are completed in a timely manner with competitive costs.

Our company does a variety of pipeline services including but not limited to: new pipeline installation (we have laid pipeline anywhere from 2"- 24"), large and small compressor and plant installation, building well locations, change outs, pipeline testing, meter sets, we lay PE & HDPE of all sizes and several other large and small projects. Our team of experienced pipeline personnel make us very competitive with strong leadership and skills.

We are OQ qualified and are registered with ISNetworld and VeriForce. Our company has mandatory pre-employment and random drug testing under Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. We have strict safety policies and procedures and have documented training for our employees which is overseen by our safety/transportation specialists MJS Safety Inc.
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