TetraMetrix empowers and connects athletes, coaches, recruiters, and training centers, by delivering access to sports technology, performance data, sport event management tools, and physical education.


SportLink is a proprietary web-based platform developed by TetraMetrix that features interactive profiles, sports technology integration, performance improvement functions, coaching assessment and analysis tools, and custom product packages. TetraMetrix values precision and administers athletic testing with standards, integrity, and accuracy. “Assured Data Is Data Done Right.”

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TetraMetrix Locker Room

The Locker Room is a software feature that gives an organization or brand the power of their own dedicated SportLink. The business and designated staff are given administrative control over an exclusive account management and communication platform for athletes, teams, events, personal training clients, performance data, and producing branded products and services.

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TetraMetrix Locker Room Association

The Locker Room Association service provides the ability to effectively manage a group of Locker Rooms under a single umbrella, while at the same time providing each individual Locker Room the ability to maintain its own unique identity. Each Association can be customized to meet the specific goals of the Association relative to the degree of control to be exercised by the Association, the integration of the Association Brand with the individual Locker Room Brands, and the amount of privacy retained by each Locker Room.

TetraMetrix Event Templates

The TetraMetrix Event Template is a feature within the SportLink software system that empowers Sport Techs to develop, hard code, and brand a compilation of drills and provide corresponding support documentation for those drills. Instituting a template benefits strength and conditioning coaches, instructors, and wellness professionals with the organization as a means to record their uniquely developed programs, track athlete data from these drills, and scale their branded knowledge throughout the industry with accuracy and consistency.

TetraMetrix Premier Events

TetraMetrix has developed a core set of event templates to standardize combines, showcases, and events for youth, collegiate, and professional organizations. These premiere events are operated through the SportLink system and feature sports technology and real time data reporting. By administering an event template, TetraMetrix delivers further value to a controlled data set and establishes a professional development tool to educate groups interested in partnership opportunities. This success model assists users on the logistics of an event including an exercise (activity-based) protocol, management planning, staffing requirements, and operational strategies.

TetraMetrix Athletes

Create a custom profile.
Check out event results and the live leader board.
See event videos and pictures, and upload your own.
Get performance tips based on your scores.
Connect with coaches to review your technique.
Share your profile with recruiters.
And more!

TetraMetrix Coaches and Recruiters

Connect, communicate, and mentor athletes.
Access to event Assured Data.
Upload and sell training and coaching videos.
Apply to earn revenue assessing athlete videos .
Sell and track training packages.
Use our platform to manage and grow your program.
And more!

TetraMetrix Sport Techs

Become a Certified Sport Tech.
Manage and profit from events.
Access top sports technology.
Create custom drills.
Join or start a Locker Room program.
Participate in national and regional programs.
And more!

TetraMetrix adds strategic value to an organization’s operations, management capabilities, and member services. A coordinated effort between TetraMetrix and partner organizations in youth athletics, collegiate sports, or activity-based programs effectively advances the efficiency, connectivity, and operational capacity of members, and provides a framework for continual growth of the organization.

Our enterprise application software, access to high level sports technology, and system services, assist organizations to exceed professional development objectives, expand performance data management, and increase the overall impact on their communities. Administrators benefit directly through increased member communication, product expansion, enhanced managerial functions, and diversification of branded services.

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